The traditions for song and story are strong in Wales and can be traced back through the centuries to the Bards of old.  How marvellous is was to attend my very first Storytelling Festival, right here in the Vale of Glamorgan….in fact, just around the corner in the spectacular setting of St. Donats!

I was more than a little bit nervous because it was my first ever long haul event. Until this point I had traded at markets and fairs, but this was hours on end spread over three days. It was just fabulous!!  Luckily the organisers had the good sense to put my pitch next to Huw Williams from The Welsh Coffee Co… what a happy team we were… caffeine, it’s a wonderful thing!

Slices of bara brith went out hand over fist while the flat whites kept flowing.  Although we were busy bees pretty much non-stop, the vibe was chilled and friendly…and I was even treated to a tale by a lady in the queue!

I must say thankyou to the very lovely foodie friends Samosaco and The Parsnipship for keeping me in sustenance of things other than sugar and coffee!  (Beyond the Border is a bi-annual event so the next will be held in 2016…looking forward to it already)!