This was an AMAZING experience!  Fellow foodie friend and maker of all things preserved, pickled or chutneyed, Rag Underwood of The Preservation Society urged me to send my bara brith in for The Great Taste Awards.  With that wonderful gung-ho way of hers she said “even if you don’t win anything you’ll get constructive feedback from people that really know their stuff…go for it!”

I entered the nationwide competition at the very last moment…. (and I mean by the skin of my teeth). Then completely forgot about it. (The tastings go on for months as the different categories are sampled and tasted…and I simply forgot the whole thing as the results come out months after entering).

When Rag called me up to see if I had won anything I struggled to remember what she was talking about! Sure enough, I checked my email, typing with shaky hands…to discover…I HAD WON!!!!!

GT-14-2-starOh, if only you could have seen the ten varieties of happy-dance that went on around my laptop! I still get butterflies thinking of it now! My bara brith, my lovely, homely, rustic, made-from-scratch bara brith had won 2 GOLD STARS!!!

This means that in a competition of 10,000 entrants, less than 5% won two stars!  I have to confess I still have a little thrill every time I put one of those little round stickers onto a box of bara brith.